Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blog Evolution

      I finally got around to writing my What is Ethical Eating? post.  Have you read it yet?

      Things are evolving slowly but surely at this little blog.  I think this new blog is still finding it's voice, so to speak.  I don't know if I'll ever give over fully to a single topic blog, even though this one is a lot more focused on one particular area.  I like to keep a personal feel to my blog.

      And, truthfully, I like to rant and rave and brag on my blog.  That is, after all, why I originally started blogging WAY back in 2003.

      I wish I had more time to devote to this blog.  I haven't really pulled together the layout all the way yet, and I haven't marketed it at all (anyone want to host a guest post or in some other way pimp my blog? - I mean really, it's not often I allow myself to be pimped).

      Well, there goes the professionalism...

      Anyway, in the midst of stressing about resumes and jaw surgery (who freaking knows when THAT's going to happen now, erg) and life, I've been nursing blog thoughts in the back of my mind.  I have a LOOONG list of posts to be written and ideas, but little time to write them.

      Oh, and the entire structure of the Marine Corps Legal System is changing - the WHOLE THING.  Top to bottom - by 1 August.  I may be getting a completely different promotion than I thought.  Which might be cool.  We'll see.  At this point it's just more on my plate, more confusion and more responsibilities on top of an already doubled caseload.  And yes, I'm complaining, but don't let that make you think I don't love my job.  I do love my job, I just wish I had more time, or personnel, or resources to do more to help my clients.  It's frustrating.

      For the blog, I've been trying to develop a logo.  I roughly have what I want in mind,  but since I suck at art (and design, and creativity), I'm having trouble getting it out of my brain and onto paper and/or a computer screen.  This is made more complicated by 1) the fact that the blog is getting one final name change that I'm not yet willing to disclose for legal reasons, and 2.) I am completely unwilling to pay for a new logo for a blog I don't use to make money or even promote my career.

      But, hey, if you know anyone who might be up to kick around some logo ideas, send them my way!

      Father's day is Sunday.  The day after I stand duty all night long (not to mention all day Saturday).  I will get home from duty at around 0800 Sunday morning, just in time to kick off all MacGyver's Father's Day fesivities.  And Punky is really relying on me to help her make it great for him.  So I suppose I'll be sleeping at work on Monday.


      Oh, and the gifts I ordered for him haven't arrived yet (correction, they came last night, I hid the box, and just remembered that; I still haven't even opened it).  And I still should get him at least one more gift but I haven't the faintest clue what (or when!).  Well, I have some ideas, but I'm really iffy on them.  Erg.  Feel free to weigh in on the Pinterest board MacGyver Gift Ideas.  I'm excited to make Father's Day great for him and also dreading how much this weekend is going to drain me.

      I'm still deep in the baby fever.  So much so that I'm considering cancelling the aforementioned jaw surgery.  I have an appointment this month.  If they won't schedule me, I may just say screw it.  I'm sick of having my life on hold for this ridiculousness.  And I'm pretty sick of having braces, too.  I also thought I was pregnant last month.  I was exhausted, easily nauseated, had a bunch of other little signs, and was "late."  It's good that I'm not pregnant because I have an IUD, but still, I was saddened by the negetive test - irrational as that may be. 

      And it's not just baby fever, I'm also having anniversary fever!  Being on Pinterest hasn't made it any easier to try to resist planning the 5 year Anniversary party and vow renewal/handfasting.  There's a Pinterest board for that, too.  I am telling myself I won't start planning until after our 4 year anniversary in August, but it's so hard.  Next summer is going to be INSANE.

      Flintstone learned a new word this morning: Xena!

      I loved Xena when it was originally on when I was young, and I had a renewed love affair with the show when it was on syndacation every morning when I was in law school.  I would sit in bed in the morning, drink tea or coffee, and watch Xena while waking up before going to work.  I still love that show, as does Punky (though there are episodes I won't let her watch).  Sadly, I almost never get to watch it because we don't have TV, when we do watch anything on the projector it's almost never Xena (currently it's Daria - another AWESOME classic - which Flintstone often wanders around singing the theme song to), and the only time I'd really like to watch it is in the mornings, but MacGyver and Flintstone are both asleep when I'm getting ready in the mornings.  So, very little Xena for me unless MacGyver is out of town, then I put it on in the mornings.

      So this morning, MacGyver and Flintstone happened to be up while I was getting ready.  MacGyver, being the best husband anyone has ever had, put on Xena.  There was much playing with the Flintstone - hiding under blankets and other antics.  He didn't really want to leave when it was time to go; he wanted to stay and play with Daddy more.

      I took Flintsone out to the entryway, put on his shoes, turned around to pick up my bag, and he was gone.  He took off down the hall, reached up, turned the doorknob to the bedroom (for the first time), threw his little hands up and triumphantly declared "Xena!"  Too freaking adorable. 

      Times like that make me REALLY want to call off work.  Like that's an option...

      The gardens are doing great, though some of the plants are suffering from the heat.  My herbs (except the dill which cooked in the sun) are going GANGBUSTERS.  The chickens are as hilarious as ever - like a pack of odd dogs.  The actual dogs and the cat are neurotic as ever.  Our house is swarming with tree frogs - it's awesome.  Except that the cat has caught at least one, which I rescued, but I'm not sure if he was in a survivable condition when I released him.

      The koi pond for Flintstone's room is in, we just have to pick up the koi some weekend.  We're also putting a fishtank in his room, but MacGyver still has to build the special case for it.  Kid freaking loves fish.  And then we move Flintstone into the room.  I'm a little nervous about how that's going to go.  He currently sleeps on a mattress on the floor in our room, but he'll be 3 months from today, so it's time.  Plus it's sad to have such an adorable room for him but it's only a playroom right now. 

      So much going on that I just want to chat about, but just no time to do it.  I've been tyring to hit up all of your blogs a lot more regularly.  Annnnd just as I was getting ready to post this, the power went out and the backup failed, so what was supposed to be posted yesterday is getting posted today.


MiMi said...

Xena!!! I would LOVE to see that!!!
I can't wait to see where your promotion takes you.

Shasta said...

OK — first off. You really need to move to Portland! It would be a perfect place for your homesteading efforts!

Second, I LOVED Xena too! I should check it out again. Right now I'm reliving my high school years by watching Ally McBeal. Love it!

Third, have you heard of lacto-fermentation? Seems like something you could get into! :)

Emmy said...

That would be cute to hear! Tonight Ryder was jumping from a foot stool into his chair and totally laughing. Eric said "you're crazy" and then he laughed and said I crazy! It was pretty funny.

I am sure your 5 year renewal will be awesome. How was Father's day? Did your husband like his presents?