Friday, May 11, 2012

Odds and Ends: Outstripping Me

      Here are some random updates on what's going on with us now, since things are - as always - on the move:

      I have accepted the fact that I'm going to have to write about 6 million different resum├ęs for all the different jobs and types of jobs I will be applying for.  And I really need to get a move on on this, but it is soooo daunting, and really hard to fit in amidst - you know - work and life and stuff.  Erg.
      On the bright side, I seem to have established some good connections at one of the Federal Bureaus for which I would really like to work.  Not telling you which one just yet ;-)

      I also have a lot of potential good connections lining up in one of the geographical areas to which we would really like to move.  Keeping that one under wraps for now, too.

      If you happen to know any attorneys or professors in the Midwest (or anywhere) who might be up for helping a [soon to be] newly liberated Marine with a passion for helping people and animals, please, please let me know.  Seriously, I need to network.

      MacGyver is seriously putting me to shame in the activism department lately.  Actually,  he's given up pretty much every free second (and many that aren't free ;-)) to a few major projects he is coordinating, including a huge local sustainability program.  Expect to see a lot more about that as it comes together - because guess who he nominated to be the head contributing editor for the blog for the project?

      In all my spare time.

      Really, I'm flattered.  MacGyver had a strong distaste for blogging before we got married, though he has slowly come around.  He rarely, if ever, visits my blog, so it's nice to know he has some respect for the quality work product I put up here.   *ahem*

      I would love to go into detail about how big this project is, how many amazing organizations are on board, and the big impact it has the potential to make here locally (not to mention the potential for expansion), but it is still in it's infancy, so I'll just have to be happy fantasizing about it with him.

      The biggest challenge will be having the whole thing completed and ready to hand over to the city in time for us to leave on our next great adventure.

      With the new blog, I am shifting away from the personal.  That said, I don't think I'll ever shift away 100%; that's just my writing style.  So expect personal notes every once in a while.

      MacGyver and I have brilliant, amazing, beautiful children.

       Punky not only got straight A's and made the honor roll again, she got all "high A's" meaning she is at the top of the percentile graph for every subject.  The kid is more and more like me every day ;-)

This is seriously how he falls asleep almost every night.  When he's ready to pass out, he will pick up one of his books and put it over his face.  SOOO cute.
       Flintstone is also brilliant.  He's still talking up a storm and picking up new words at an astounding rate.  And while he has not learned any "bad" words because we almost never use bad words in our house, he does say "wine," "beer," and "boob," and he knows exactly what he's talking about when he says it.
I don't retouch photos, but I feel like this one could be even more perfect with just a touch of something done to the color.

       He is working hard to be find his place in the family.  He helps unload the dishwasher every night; he sweeps, he mops, he washes windows.  He hates his high chair because he wants to sit at the table (and does) like the rest of us.  It is so freaking adorable to watch him emulate us.  Last Sunday at church, he didn't want to sit on my lap.  He didn't want to sit on MacGyver's lap.  He picked up a Hymnal, climbed up in a chair in front of me, opened up the Hymnal, and proceeded to intently listen to the welcome and annoucements.  He sat quietly like this for a number of minutes - quite the feat for my wild 19 month old monkey.

      It was so freaking cute that I suspect he is the only person in the whole congregation who actually listened to the announcements because everyone else was gushing over him.  My little man.
       He also loves to work in the gardens.  His favorite thing in the world (next to chasing the chickens) is to go out to the garden and pick peas pods and stuff them into his mouth:

No, he did not touch the scissors. 
       I can't believe his transformation from baby to little boy.  It is amazing.  Every day it takes my breath away.

      I can't wait to have another.  We planned to right after my surgery, which was supposed to take place at the end of April.  I was SO mad when it got pushed forward a couple months.  Now my surgery will be some time later this summer.  Which makes me question whether I will be too close to getting out of the Marines and changing careers to have another baby.  I am so frustrated.  I have permanent baby fever.  I know there's no perfect time, but I also know that some times are not right for having a baby, and while discrimination based on pregnancy is illegal, showing up for job interviews looking like a full tin of Jiffy Pop probably isn't wise.

      We shall see.

      MacGyver and I have always had a happy marriage.  I suppose that kind of goes without saying.  But for some reason for the last few months we have been over the top, delirously happy.  I don't know what it is.  I thought we were happy before, and now suddenly it's as though our happiness has tripled.  I don't know what it is, but I like it.

      And it has gotten me thinking about our 5 year celebration (not that I haven't been thinking about it pretty much always since our wedding ;-)).  We have wanted for a long time to do a big Re-wedding sort of thing for our 5 year anniversary, which is next summer - you know right around when we move and stuff, ha.

      There is a long backstory about our first wedding being financially strapped and rained out and all sorts of stuff, but since I don't have the pictures handy, I'll save it for a different post.  There are a few short videos from the day here - including when the rain started (seconds before I was supposed to walk out - a funny video if you listen to Boo in the background, and one of the ceremony complete with LOUD rain).

      Anyway, MacGyver and I have decided (shockingly) to do a sustainability themed Anniversary Party.  Originally, it was going to be a whole re-wedding event, but I now think an anniversary party is more appropriate.  We will still do a little ceremonial bit, a vow renewal and a handfasting since we didn't handfast at the first ceremony.  I'm still going to wear my dress.  There will still be cake.  But it will be an anniversary party with a sustainability theme.  And over the next year you can expect to see 6,500 pins on Pinterest to that effect. 

      Right now, I'm just restraining myself from sending out the first planning emails until after our fourth anniversary this August.

      There is so much I need to do for this little blog.  I really want to give it a complete makeover.  I need to make a new header sort of like the one I had for Cheap Wine and Cookies.  I need to make a new button.  I need to make a half way decent watermark for my pics.

       I have niether the time, talent, nor inclination to do any of it, though.  If you know anyone who might want to mess around with my little blog for free (or for , say, a batch of humane spinach brownies or something), hook me up. 

      I have big plans for this little blog, but they are way at the bottom of my super long list right now.

Have a Sustainable, Ethical Weekend!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You sure are full of secrets! ;) Love the vocab he's picking up at your place...too funny!

This whole sustainable theme is going to be so interesting!

Katherine said...

I so want to do a vow renewal/re-wedding. I thought we would do it at 10 years, but this that has already passed, I guess not. So maybe at 15 years. That gives me time to get a real job. I'm not exactly sure how to do it, because I want it to be very special, but not formal.

greekwitch said...

Your kids are just adorable. The cuteness is unbearable. We are thinking next year after i get my soprano diploma to start trying. Scary, huh? But families like yours really make me want to have a baby.
I just found the new blog. I love it!
As for the handfasting ceremony, i think it is the most beautiful one of all. I had one the first time and every year since, we just read new vows have cakes and ale and have the day to ourselves.

CanadianMama said...

M and I want to do a renewal too but weare waiting for 10 years. We got married in Costa Rica so the boys will be old enough to go back there and really appreciate the trip.

I can't wait to see how your party turns out AND good luck job hunting!!

Karen Peterson said...

Things are never dull around your house, are they??

Sounds like everyone is happy and healthy. I'm glad things are going well for you. I'm sorry about the baby fever and hope it can happen for you sooner than later!